10 Balcarres Road, Musselburgh, EH21 7SD, East Lothian, Scotland

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The Musselburgh Old Course
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Musselburgh Old Course Golf Club play out of The Old Course at Musselburgh Links. The Club was founded when local men believed it important the Old Course should regain some of its lost prestige. Without doubt the golf course went through a very serious decline during the twentieth century and photographs taken around 1980 clearly show the course in a sad and sorry state.  Bunkers had little or no sand in them and the greens were barely distinguishable from the rest of the golf course.

Founder Members

Musselburgh Old Course Golf Club, together with the local authority, who has responsibility for the links and golf course, made some improvements. However, following an expansion of Musselburgh Racecourse, the golf course was once again neglected. Despite protests and promises the course did not receive any notable improvements until 1996. Many overdue adjustments were then made, and the course condition is better now than it has been for many a year. Much work is still needed but we are all committed to its continued improvement.
We have absolutely no doubt that without our golf club Musselburgh Old Course would have been allowed to deteriorate into a run-down shadow of its former self or even exist as a golf course in the 21st century.
To keep the course in the public eye, the Club has a full fixture list and hosts many competitions throughout the year. During the winter months we are still able to hold monthly medal competitions for all categories of golfers.
June is a very important month for the Club as we host The Musselburgh Challenge, which is a very special competition to the Club. Founded by the late ex-Secretary Lionel Freedman, all the great clubs who once played at Musselburgh return and do battle against each other in a nine-hole competition using Hickory clubs. Scotland’s very own Sandy Lyle, winner of The Open Championship and US Masters has represented the R & A in this event.
Musselburgh Old Course Golf Club and its members are honoured to call Musselburgh Links our home course and we are determined to ensure the Old Course Links are not just preserved but once again become a must visit location for golfers from all around the globe.

With our International Membership this honour is now open to anyone to who wishes to help our club continue guarding these Links.

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